As Time Goes By

I’ve been on Quora lately answering questions. I find some of the questions quite inane. People want answers to some insignificant questions. However, there are some who wish to bait you. They want to find your answers to validate their own disservice to humanity. It’s disheartening. The questions I find most intriguing are those about the Afterlife. Having been there, I can speak to it.

Likewise, my pastor points out that heaven is all around us if we will only see it. I retort that I have seen it and I like it. We all have the opportunity to live in heaven daily. I had a taste of eternity and that is a distinguishing point of view from the kingdom of heaven Jesus talked about. Yes, it is all around us. It is the realm of ever expanding possibilities. As for the Afterlife, it is different than the kingdom of heaven. But that is not where I went when I died. I visited paradise/eternity. It was nice, but I knew I could not stay. I had to return for my daughter. I told God as much when he asked me why.

So many people get hung up on where they will go when they die that they neglect to live in the heavenly moments here on Earth. We are meant to live in the moment. We are meant to enjoy today and worry not about tomorrow. Let tomorrow worry for itself, Jesus said. He ought to know. He lived his entire life in the moment never concerned what tomorrow might bring. Heck, he engineered the crucifixion for the most impact and the least amount of death as possible.

While agree that we are to learn from Jesus’ teachings, it grows difficult to see through his eyes. We have so many distractions. Perhaps, that is only an excuse. That we should see things through his eyes. He was a master teacher after all. He did have a connection to the Divine that we all would love to have. If we kept our lives more simple, then perhaps we would see things more clearly. I appreciate everything that God has given me. I just need a little more to live comfortably. That’s all I need is a little cushion so I don’t have to worry. When in fact. if I lived in the moment, I would not worry at all.

I truly wish I had the ability of Jesus to see the Divine as he saw it. It would make my life simpler. Heck, even I might be able to change water into wine and walk on water and heal a few people. In this day and age, where would that get me? So I guess, it’s not that I care so much about the questions I’m asked on Quora so much as the answers I give.

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I prayed for patience when I was 15. Eventually, I received it. It took years of work to get here. Now I am patient. I get everything I’ve ever wanted because I’m willing to wait for it. It all began with my quest for a soul mate. This quest began when I was four.

At age four I came to two realizations: One, I was unlike anyone I would ever meet. Two, there was a female version of me out there who wanted to be my friend. I was patient. I found her at age 15. But I didn’t have the maturity to handle such a monumental relationship. I eventually married her two years later, but I couldn’t hold onto her. She is such a free spirit. I was merely a cog in a wheel. After two years, I let her go.

Fast forward 20 years. By God and Facebook, she tracked me down. We were both going through a divorce at the time and rekindled our friendship. That was something we always had, even when I was too immature to appreciate it. After a while, we realized there was love there. A love that was meant to be. I sought life through others, but all were a pale reflection of the one.

Here we are seven and a half years later, having recently celebrated our seventh year of marriage. We share a love few can comprehend. It is immortal. We have sought each other over many lifetimes never to be together for some reason or another. This time we made it work. I was patient, and grew wise in the process. Now I am married to my best friend and we share a life and a love beyond belief.

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Master Teacher

I have been blessed with wonderful teachers. I never thought about what makes a good teacher until I was in Fifth Grade and had my first male homeroom teacher, Mr. Dan Hester. In his class we tackled many issues. We learned Creative Visualization and Meditation. We listened as he read the Chronicles of Narnia series. We spent two weeks studying poetry. It’s where I found my voice and was able to share my thoughts with the world.

Every year thereafter I was given a teacher who cared about their students. I was challenged to stretch beyond myself and grow as a writer, and as a human being. These teachers truly cared. I was so impressed by them that I wanted to become a History teacher. Then I learned how little they made and was disappointed. I let my college studies slack and eventually dropped out. Less than two years later I enrolled in Bible college. I earned a degree in Bible/Pastoral Studies. But quickly realized that there was no real way to make a living as a minister. I was confused.

Here were professions that enrich people’s minds, challenging people to grow and become the best they could be, and still you could not make a decent living. While money isn’t everything, it does have its place in society. Now I’ve come full circle. I want to be a teacher, I guess I always have. This time it takes the form of becoming a Life Coach. Now there is money to be made in this business. More importantly, I will have students that want to learn what I teach. It’s a win/win situation.

Now I’m raising money for tuition to attend one of the premier training courses for coaches, from one of the best trainers in the field. I will finally have the chance to be all that I can be. Something the military could never squeeze out of me. I’m not doing it for religious reasons, although becoming my legitimate self is a goal. I’m not doing it for purely financial reasons, however getting off disability and having some skin in the game is a goal. Most of all, I will help people realize their true potential.

I’ve always seen myself teaching large groups of people. This is my chance to be the master teacher I’ve seen exampled throughout my life. Fortunately, we take this journey together. See you on the other side.

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Dream A Little Dream

Ever start to fall asleep and find yourself in another world? It feels like the one you live in , but something is subtly different? It is the dream realm. At time we visit alternate realities where we can do and be anything we want. It is becoming a master of the dream realm that you remove the laws of physics and accomplish whatever your heart desires.

Now Wake Up!

You are in ordinary reality. The realm that you have created to accomplish your dreams. Now imagine that the laws of physics no longer apply. You can do or be anything your heart desires. What’s the difference? One is while you are asleep, the other is while you’re awake. If you can do anything you put your mind to, what’s stopping you from doing something great? You.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. It doesn’t have to only happen when you are asleep. If you wake up to the reality that anything is possible, that you can accomplish anything. Believe in yourself and make it happen.

Yeah. Sure. Right. This self-help garbage might work for some, but not for me. Then you’ve already lost. The only impediment to your dreams is you. You are the maker of your own reality. If you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t like who you are, where you are or what you’re doing, change it. Only you can make the decision for what is best for you. You cannot rely on someone else to do it for you. You are the master of your own destiny.

When you doubt, you release fear into the world. Dreams come true when you reach beyond the fear. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. So just do it. As long as your dreams benefit more than just yourself, do it. As long as you serve more than number one, just do it. As long as you give more than you take, then just do it. Only you can. You have every right to be happy. You do this by making others happy. It’s called karma and it makes the world go round.

So next time that you find yourself asleep and able to do anything you can imagine in a dream world, wake up and carry some of that magick into the waking realm and accomplish whatever your heart desires.

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Knowing Your Spiritual Self

Shakespeare once said “Know Thyself”. It is a subtle arrangement of thought and intuition. You must delve deep into the invisible ethers and create something meaningful. But it goes deeper than meditation. You must allow yourself to connect with the Divine on a personal level. You must put yourself out there to be all that you are created to be.

Trust in your spiritual nature to thrive in the quiet moments, as well as to survive the maelstrom. How do we do that? We breathe. Breath is the sacred whisper of God inhabiting your being. It is the very thing that makes you divine. By reaching out beyond your experience into the great I Am, you invest yourself with the essence of the Divine. In this way you grow deeper in unity with the All-That-Is.

Know yourself. There is no other quite like you. You are a divine spark given the power to create beyond the obvious. You are greater than the some of your parts. And you are part of something great. Your spiritual being needs fed and empowered. Meditate. Think. And listen to the Universe’s voice calling your name. In this way you will know your spiritual self.

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It is the essence of things imagined and the vision of things unseen. We reach beyond ourselves in so many ways, in this we use faith. One poignant thought has challenged me, the story of Jesus the Christ out on the water, walking. How Peter asked him to command him onto the sea. It took faith for Jesus to be out there in the first place. We don’t often think of him as having faith. We take it for granted that he might do such things. We are taught from early on this to be a matter of fact. When in fact, it required large amounts of imagination to see things that weren’t physically there. He simply had to believe they were true and go from there. A miracle is an everyday thing made extraordinary. The first one Jesus performed was changing water to wine. He had to imagine the vast containers of water were in fact the finest of wines. His father-in-law, Joseph of Arimethea, commented on his saving the best for last. 

So this concept of faith, the essential imagined reality envisioned by our minds, must flourish on its own. It must also be fed by our dreams. It must be watered by our desires and our wants. It’s only when we want something deeply do we make an effort to find it. Yet, we’ve become so lost in vocabulary that we’ve forgotten the letter of the law. For certain Spiritual Laws govern us. Namely, what we think in our hearts we create in our lives. We call that the Power of Mind Action. So often we hope for the best but plan for the worst. When in fact, we ought to plan for the best and let the worse fall away. Who wants such negativity to begin with? To sum up, faith isn’t some mystical teaching. Well, perhaps it is a little. But it certainly doesn’t call for anything you don’t already know how to do. You make a wish when you yank on a wishbone. You imagine a life better than the one you now experience. Even the weathy wish for more than what they have. The point where faith enters the equation is when you stop wishing and do the real work of dreaming. Only by your dreams can you feed your faith. Water them daily with your wants and desires. In this your faith will grow. As your faith grows, it brings about that which you imagined in the first place. The more you do this, the stronger the essence of things imagined and stronger the visions of things never before seen.
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